Book Addresses Mistakes Made During the All Important First Five Years in Business

“I wish I had this book when I was starting out. It would have saved me time, energy, money, and many sleepless nights. It contains pure wisdom.” Joe Vitale, best-selling author of Spiritual Marketing

Jay Conrad Levinson, author of the Guerrilla Marketing series of books, recommends that “the two best ways not to be baffled by silly and common mistakes in business are (1) to make them yourself and learn from them, or (2) avoid them entirely by reading Elizabeth Fischer’s wonderfully readable and instructive book. It’s as enlightening as it is amusing.”

Mistakes I Made My First Five Years in Business (and How You Can Avoid Them), released by Monarch Tree Publishing Inc., is a book written for entrepreneurs by an entrepreneur about the mistakes she made during the all important first five years in business. Based on real life experiences, this book gives a perspective on why these mistakes happen and how to avoid them. Beginning with a rule list that the author, Elizabeth K. Fischer, compiled to help avoid unprofitable, stressful situations, the book addresses several mistakes not typically addressed in business books about the first five years in business.

Chapter titles include:

      How I Began My Business
      Friends…Love ‘Em and Leave ‘Em Alone
      Losing Focus
      The Power of No
      Pricing: You Can Always Go Down, But You Can’t Go Up
      Contracts: Never Start Work without One
      Billing: Get a Grip on It
      Desperation Can Be a Paralyzing, Limiting Feeling
      Communication: There’s Never Enough
      Follow-up: The Key to Peace and Prosperity
      Committees Have One Too Many Bosses
      Frustration Is an Energizing Force
         Mistakes: An Attitude of Gratitude
Mistakes I Made



You may buy the book in print 19.95 (includes shipping) and audio 14.95 plus tax.

“The best kind of how-to-book – Fischer tells a fascinating story that shows exactly what you need to do – and what you need to avoid – be in your own business.”  Barbara Sher, author of Wishcraft and founder of Women’s Success Teams