What Are E-Sessions?

E-Sessions are sessions with Elizabeth where she helps you cut through the clutter and confusion of marketing and gives you ideas tailored to your business. Via a combination of lessons sent via e-mail followed by one-to-one conferences with Elizabeth, you receive her suggestions specifically for your business, immediately usable by you. When an E-Session is completed, your business ends up with marketing designed to reach your revenue goals. Best of all, you know how to implement and use this marketing. Details on Elizabeth’s four E-Sessions follow.

No Junk Food Marketing E-Session

Are You Feeding Your Business Junk Food Marketing?

Find Out by Answering These Five Questions.

1. Does your marketing
a. follow a written plan,
b. or do you fly by the seat of your pants?

2. Is that plan
a. tailored to fit your business,
b. or are you using marketing that you heard worked for some other guy’s business?

3. Do you have
a. goals for your marketing,
b. or is the outcome of your marketing a mystery, especially to you?

4. Is your marketing
a. directed to a target,
b. or do you scatter your efforts, hoping to hit something?

5. How often do you review your marketing plan?
a. monthly
b. quarterly
c. review, what’s that?

On questions 1-4, give yourself five points for every a answer and one point for every b answer. On question 5, give yourself five points for a, three points for b, and zero points for c. If you scored 25 points, congratulations, you have healthy marketing. If you scored 10 to 20 points, you’ve given your marketing some feeding, but it could have more energy with better nutrition. If you scored 10 points or below, your marketing needs an immediate I. V.!

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Profitable Selling E-Session

When was your sales staff’s last sales training?

How regularly is your sales staff trained?

Are the sales training designed specifically for your business and sales staff?

Whether your sales staff is filled with seasoned veterans, first-timers, or newbies to your industry, regular sales training helps all of them make more sales. Profitable Selling E-session is specifically designed to fit the needs of your individual business. This is not a general program on how to sell. Elizabeth creates the e-sessions especially for your business, what you sell, and how you sell it. We will only address selling your business’s products, services, or information. That makes this sales training very valuable to you and your sales staff.

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Profitable Pricing E-Session

How do you price your product or service?

What is too little and what is too much?

Will your price turn your customer off, or will you short your business?

Pricing is a balancing act between what your customer will pay and what your business requires to thrive. Pricing is confusing. Pricing is uncomfortable. Pricing is a painful process. Even after prices are set, most business people have a vague disquiet about their prices. Do you feel this way about pricing? Profitable Pricing E-Session helps you set profitable prices by looking at costs, competition, and customers and giving you professional, individualized input on your prices. Take away the mystery of pricing. Sign up for this E-Session today.

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Intriguing Press Releases E-Session

How often do you send out press releases about your business?

Have you ever done so?

If you have, what happened to your release? Was it used? If it wasn’t used, do you know why?

To most small business people press releases are mysterious and difficult to write. They don’t understand the media and what the media looks for in a release. They’re not certain how to approach the media nor how to put together an effective release. They’re interested in taking advantage of the “free” part of a release but have no idea where to start. In Intriguing Press Releases E-Session, Elizabeth teaches you how to create a release, when to write one, what topics to address, how to distribute the release, and how to maximize press releases to build your business. Build your business with publicity by taking this E-Session today.

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