EZ New Media
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Elizabeth uses EZ New Media, the Midwest’s premiere creative services company, for all her video production and Web site development. Jim Zons’ extensive experience and high standards produce national broadcast quality television programming, commercials, and videos. Elizabeth appreciates that the professionals at EZ New Media’s internet division do more than just build Web sites. They develop a complete Internet strategy for your business including Web site development, ecommerce solutions, and database integration. They offer one of the only facilities in the United States with a broadcast quality television studio capable of delivering truly professional quality streaming video for your Web site in just about any format you require. Elizabeth highly recommends EZ New Media.
The Florian Gardens
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If you want a place to hold an event, a meeting, or a wedding, Elizabeth highly recommends The Florian Gardens, an elegant reception facility in an exquisite garden setting. With seating for 524 guests inside and 700 in just one of the gardens outside, The Florian Gardens is a versatile site inviting indoor events, outdoor events, or a combination of both. Their building’s warm oak wood interior is graced with impressive glass windows overlooking the lush gardens. Each of the three spacious ballrooms conveniently opens to the gardens, making the trip from garden ceremony to reception a few footsteps. Ample, soft lights bathe both the interior and the exterior of the building, furthering the enchanting ambiance. The building and gardens have been carefully designed to be a place that makes lasting memories. Elizabeth has been fortunate to work with Dave Burke and his family, owners of The Florian Gardens, as they formulated their business plan and launched their business. Their focus on their customer is unequaled. Elizabeth recommends that you experience this service for yourself. Find out more at their Web site above.
Audio Generator
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Boost your online sales by breaking the silence of your Web site. Elizabeth uses Audio Generator on her Web sites and the items that she sells on eBay because studies have shown that audio increases sales. Since you record your messages over the telephone, Audio Generator is easy to use. After making your recording, simply logon to Audio Generator, follow the easy instructions to copy the html code into your Web page, and upload your audio onto your Web site. Elizabeth encourages you to get instant access to Audio Generator by going to the Web site listed above.
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Telephone Conference Bridge Line Rental, Audio & Web Conferencing Would you like to save money on your telephone conference bridge line calls and still have human beings to talk to when you need something? Are you tired of looking for tips and tools to create excellent teleseminars, phone meetings, or conference call experiences for yourself and your participants? Then contact Seek Solutions. Shannon Seek has created a magnificant resource to help you use bridge lines wisely and conduct smooth-running events as a result. For more information, contact Shannon at the Web site or the phone number above.
Badgerland Printing
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Elizabeth relies on Badgerland Printing to print her books and much of her other printed materials including brochures, business cards, letterhead, fliers, etc. Their experience, professionalism, and client-focused attitude make them easy to work with and produce an end result of which she is proud. She highly recommends them. Call the phone number above and ask for Steve. He will get you immediate assistance.
Larry Heagle
Larry Heagle continues to grow as a performer. Audiences love him with only one complaint: “You made me laugh until my cheeks hurt!” Employing both stand up comedy and guitar-backed original tunes as well as hilarious musical send ups, Heagle’s material runs the gamut from Norwegian snowmobiler’s battling the elements to battling Chicago drivers on Interstate 94, from four things learned on a dairy farm to why he quit teaching, from divorced/re-married support groups to dealing with being a priest’s brother, from accepting mature middle age to looking forward to being a geezer, from Cheeseheads to buttheads, from sterilization to AIDS prevention, not much escapes Heagle’s observation. But Larry Heagle is much more than a comic. He is also a singer-songwriter.the release of two CD’s: Irish Heart and Larry Heagle: Rude, Crude, and Poor. Elizabeth is Larry’s manager and highly recommends his CD’s and his performances. For more information, call the above number or go to Larry’s Web site listed above.