Intriguing Press Releases E-Sessions

How often do you send out press releases about your business?

Have you ever done so?

If you have, what happened to your release? Was it used? If it wasn’t used, do you know why?

To most small business people press releases are mysterious and difficult to write. They don’t understand the media and what the media looks for in a release. They’re not certain how to approach the media nor how to put together a release effectively. They’re interested in taking advantage of the “free” part of a release but have no idea where to start.

Does this sound like you?

I understand. When I worked as a salesperson in both television and radio for twelve years, I had many clients request that the news department give them some coverage, usually for a special event such as a grand opening. At the time, I was not certain how to present a story to the news department any more than my clients were, but I tried to help my clients out. From these experiences, I learned that news people do not like to have sales people bring them news stories.

I also learned a great deal more about news people and how they think. When I began my marketing business, I studied press releases. Merging this knowledge with my experiences in television and radio, I learned how to write intriguing press releases that the media will use. I developed my own form for the release and employed techniques that got my releases noticed.

Coverage from Four Television Stations
One client who was running an estate tag sale received tremendous benefit from a release that I did for him. Using a twist to develop the release, I sent the release to five television stations in the two markets affected by this sale. I hoped for one station to cover the event. To my excitement, four of the five stations covered it. All of them did an initial story and also a follow-up one.

Two Years’ Effect
Another client, a bed and breakfast in western Wisconsin, had continuing success over a year’s time with a series of press releases that I developed. The releases were printed in several newspapers and magazines, not only locally but also in Chicago and Iowa. Two years later, the bed and breakfast was still getting calls from the stories that ran off of these releases.

Over the last thirteen years of writing press releases, I have become very aware of what will interest the media.

This was illustrated when a student in an entrepreneurship class that I was teaching told me about her business, I became very excited. “Your business has great potential for press releases,” I exclaimed. “Get one out immediately!” Shortly thereafter, the business had a spring event for which I created a release. From the release, both area television stations covered the event extensively. Several newspapers from surrounding cities printed the story. Even the local radio stations used the story on their news. The result was a tremendous event and lots of new business.

“Elizabeth opened our eyes to the importance of press releases, which has been great for our business.” Bobbie Johnson, First Choice Computer Recycling

Now, you may benefit from my experience and knowledge of press releases.

I am offering this experience and knowledge in an e-session. You may take the e-sessions from the convenience of your own computer and telephone at a time that suits your schedule.

What Are E-Sessions?

E-sessions are sessions with me, Elizabeth, where I help you cut through the clutter and confusion of marketing and give you ideas tailored to your business. Via a combination of lessons sent via e-mail and each followed by one-to-one conferences with me, you receive my suggestions specifically for your business, immediately usable by you. When an e-session is completed, your business ends up with marketing designed to reach your revenue goals. Best of all, you know how to implement and use this marketing.

You will receive one-to-one attention so that you get the most out of this e-sessions.

To learn how to send intriguing press releases, sign up now!

At the end of the e-sessions, you will have sent your first press release. You will also have a schedule of eleven more releases and know where and how to send them.

Four Sessions

Session #1
We will find the topics in your business for a press release. All businesses have these. To find them, you need to learn where to look. You find out how to discover press release topics. You will learn what to include and what not to include in your releases. At the end of this session, you will have a list of twelve press release topics for your business.

Session #2
You will learn how to write a press release, including what to include and what not to include. I will reveal a critical secret for getting your release used by the media. We will discuss how to avoid having a release look like an ad, a big turn-off for the media. You will learn the form that I use for my releases. We will outline how to write a release. At the end of this session, you will have a release written and ready to send out.

Session #3
We will address where to send your press releases. Which media are best? Are specific media best for specific types of releases? To whom is a press release sent? How do you send a release? Do you call the media? At the end of this session, you will have know where to send your release and have a list of media so that you may quickly send it out.

Session #4
We will review the results of your release and set a timetable for your future releases. We will evaluate what worked and what could be improved so that you can learn from your first release and become comfortable with creating future press releases.

We will schedule a follow-up session to check on the progress of your press release system. Your questions which have arisen from sending the releases will be answered. This bonus is to ensure that you are on the path to continued success with press releases.

I guarantee that Intriguing Press Releases E-sessions will give you an understanding of press releases. You will know how to write them and how to distribute them. With this knowledge and your timetable, you will use press releases regularly for your business.

You could pay me hundreds of dollars to create twelve press releases for you. By taking these e-sessions, you learn how to create these press releases yourself. With this knowledge, you can create more press releases more often and get more press.

You can take control of your press releases.

How much is it? Intriguing Press Releases is $699 for four sessions.

You may take these e-sessions at your own pace in 4 days, 4 weeks, or 4 months, whatever works for you.

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After the first session, if you feel that these e-sessions are not for you, you may receive a full refund. No hassles. No hard feelings.

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Get press for your business.

Go for it!

Elizabeth K. Fischer
Innovative marketer, successful businesswoman, professional speaker, founder of Profitable Sales and Marketing, Inc., and author of Mistakes I Made My First Five Years in Business (and How You Can Avoid Them)What’s in It for Me? Marketing from the Customer’s Point of View, and Mistakes I Made Buying Advertising.

PS How much is the coverage worth that you receive from just one press release?

PPS You can read a book on creating press releases. Or, you can attend a seminar. The difference between both of those methods of learning press releases and these e-sessions is me, Elizabeth. I will help you learn through hands-on experience and one-to-one attention. At the end of these e-sessions, you will have actually created and distributed an intriguing press release. You will also know the next eleven releases that you will send and when you will send them. Sign up now!