No Junk Food Marketing

Are You Feeding Your Business Junk Food Marketing?

Find Out by Answering These Five Questions.

1. Does your marketing
a. follow a written plan,
b. or do you fly by the seat of your pants?

2. Is that plan
a. tailored to fit your business,
b. or are you using marketing that you heard worked for some other guy’s business?

3. Do you have
a. goals for your marketing,
b. or is the outcome of your marketing a mystery, especially to you?

4. Is your marketing
a. directed to a target,
b. or do you scatter your efforts, hoping to hit something?

5. How often do you review your marketing plan?
a. monthly
b. quarterly
c. review, what’s that?

On questions 1-4, give yourself five points for every A answer and one point for every B answer. On question 5, give yourself five points for A, three points for B, and zero points for C. If you scored 25 points, congratulations, you have healthy marketing. If you scored 10 to 20 points, you’ve given your marketing some feeding, but it could have more energy with better nutrition. If you scored 10 points or below, your marketing needs an immediate I. V.!

Before businesses manufacture a new product or implement a new service, a plan is laid out as to the objectives, procedures, activities, personnel, and schedules involved. Similarly, each business needs to create, review, and update a plan for marketing that business, its products and services.

How often is this done?

Well, to how many of the five questions above did you pick the first choice?

You are not alone. Most businesses answered the second choice, if they are being truthful. Most business people don’t view marketing as food for their business.

That’s why they are feeding their businesses junk food marketing.

Get your marketing off junk food by taking my No Junk Food Marketing E-sessions.

What Are E-Sessions?

E-Sessions are sessions with me, Elizabeth, where I help you cut through the clutter and confusion of marketing and gives you ideas tailored to your business. Via a combination of lessons sent via e-mail and each followed by one-to-one conferences with me, you receive my suggestions specifically for your business, immediately usable by you. When an E-Session is completed, your business ends up with marketing designed to reach your revenue goals. Best of all, you know how to implement and use this marketing.

In these sessions, I will personally help you develop your marketing plan.

I will apply the knowledge I gained from my experiences in retailing, radio, and television as well as my passion for marketing to helping you.

Using both your expertise about your business and my expertise about marketing, we’ll decide your marketing plan together. I will walk you through each session and help you adapt marketing techniques to your particular business.

Businesses love my marketing ideas.

“Thank you for your guidance. I learned more from you than all of the others. I frequently refer to notes I took when I’m having difficulty being specific or focused with my marketing.” Laurie L. Boettcher

“Elizabeth can help you with your marketing. If you’re experiencing it, chances are she has too and has lived thorough it. She is very knowledgeable in the marketing options that are out there and can help you sort them out and decide what is best for you. It is never too early or too late to meet someone new and learn from their experiences and expertise.” Kris Hartel

“Elizabeth’s knowledge and upbeat instruction method was extremely motivating for me. She opened our eyes to the importance of press releases, which has been great for our business.” Bobbie Johnson, First Choice Computer Recycling

Who Is Your Customer?
Scott had a marketing problem and didn’t know it. Just as many small business people do, Scott did not keep in contact with his customers. Oh, yes, he did know about the complaints. But what did his customers want? Why did they shop at his store? What could he do to get more of their business?

I developed a survey and conducted a focus group for Scott. The survey had a tremendous response rate of 12%, giving lots of helpful comments from customers. Scott found out that customers wanted anything that could make their shopping experience quicker and more pleasant, including child care. He used this information as we developed his marketing plan.

A Typical Marketing Dilemma
When Celia and I sat down to review her marketing, she had no written plan. Like most businesses, she knew that she needed marketing but had no background in how to do it. Consequently, like many businesses, her marketing consisted of a small amount of printed advertising placed in some magazines and newspapers. To her credit, she had an attractive, well-designed logo that she had used from the onset of her business.

We reviewed the marketing that she had been doing and worked through the sessions offered in this e-session. She ended up with a written plan that included a timetable. Her budget was reduced and the effectiveness of her marketing efforts increased dramatically.

She gained a marketing plan, but my ideas of how to apply marketing to her particular business were what she most appreciated.

“Your ideas are amazing! The dollars I’ve spent on having you help me with my marketing are the best money that I’ve ever spent!” Celia Stoltz, The Atrium Bed and Breakfast

Sign up for my e-sessions now and you can put my ideas to work on your business’s marketing.

A First
Now I am offering this knowledge in an e-sessions.

To get your business off junk food marketing, sign up now!

A Step by Step Approach
Before We Begin
You will complete a form which will tell me about your current marketing. The form is easy to follow and will take you a short time to complete. Its purpose is to communicate clearly from you to me the marketing that you have been doing for your business.

Session #1
We will set objectives for your marketing. These objectives will be specific and will be the first step on the road to profitable marketing. Often, marketing objectives, if they exist, are vague and unmeasurable. At the end of this session, you will have specific, measurable objectives. These will be initiated by you, shaped by my suggestions, and finalized in a form easily usable by you.

Session #2
We will identify what your business offers customers and the benefits that they receive from doing business with your company. You will find surprises here. When forced to sit down and think beyond the features of a product or service to the benefits that customers receive, you will have an eye-opening experience. Then, we’ll look at your competition. You will learn that your competition includes more than just other businesses in your industry.

Session #3
We will identify your customers. Who are they? Why do they do business with your company? We’ll look at your business from the customer’s point of view. We will go right to the source and find out from customers themselves. You will learn how to do primary and secondary research to stay on top of who your customers are and what they want. At the end of this session, you will know what your customers want, how to deliver it to them, and how to tell potential customers about your offerings.

Session #4
We will choose your target market. Using the information from the first three sessions, we will decide which marketing tools are the best to use to reach this target market and to get him/her to buy your product or service. The tools will include traditional tools and not-so-traditional tools. We will find free tools. Our emphasis will be on tools that will effectively and profitably reach your customer and get him/her to buy.

Session #5
We will explore how you will use the marketing tools that we have chosen. How can you best use these tools in your business? When are the best times to use them? Can you do this within your company, or do you need outside help? What strategies are you applying to these tools?

Session #6
We will draw up a timetable for the use of your marketing tools. We will set a budget for the use of these tools. We will put all that we have learned in the first five sessions into a concise written plan. You will end this session with a plan to implement immediately.

Your plan is dynamic and, therefore, needs review. I will help you with your first review. We will schedule it for eight weeks after we are finished with your plan. At that time we will check on the progress of your plan’s implementation and its results.

After you finish these e-sessions, I guarantee that what you feed your business will turn from junk food marketing to profitable marketing or I will give you your money back. You, too, will be saying, “No Junk Food Marketing E-sessions are the best money I ever spent on marketing. I now feed my business marketing everyday, and my marketing now makes my business money!”

You could pay me thousands to do this work for you. In taking these e-sessions you get the ideas that I would give you and a written marketing plan. You also receive an understanding of what’s behind the plan. That makes it easier for you to evaluate the plan’s results and to make adjustments.

How much is it? No Junk Food Marketing E-sessions are $1599 for the six sessions.

You may take these e-sessions at your own pace in 3 days, 3 weeks, or 3 months, whatever works for you.

After the first session, if you feel that these e-sessions are not for you, you may receive a full refund. No hassles. No hard feelings.

Do you have questions about the No Junk Food Marketing E-sessions? Then go here now and e-mail me your question. Write “No Junk Food Marketing E-session” in the subject line.

Together, let’s create a marketing plan that’s profitable for your business!

Go for it!

Elizabeth K. Fischer
Innovative marketer, successful businesswoman, professional speaker, founder of Profitable Sales and Marketing, Inc., and author of Mistakes I Made My First Five Years in Business (and How You Can Avoid Them),What’s in It for Me? Marketing from the Customer’s Point of View, and Mistakes I Made Buying Advertising.

PS You say that you don’t need these e-sessions? Congratulations! You already have your marketing plan set. I’m impressed. Keep up the good work!

PPS Was the marketing that you fed your business today targeted to profitable customers? If you are not certain, sign up for my No Junk Food Marketing E-sessions. Do it now!