Profitable Pricing E-Session

How do you price your product or service?

What is too little and what is too much?

Will your price turn your customer off, or will you short your business?

Pricing is a balancing act between what your customer will pay and what your business requires to thrive. Pricing is confusing. Pricing is uncomfortable. Pricing is a painful process. Even after prices are set, most business people have a vague disquiet about their prices.

Do you wonder about your prices?

New entrepreneurs do. I frequently get asked, “How do I set my prices?” by new entrepreneurs. However, pricing questions are not confined to new entrepreneurs. Business people who have had their businesses for ten, fifteen, or twenty years question their prices.

Pricing is a perpetual dilemma for businesses.

Fatal Error
Business people make a fatal error in pricing. This error usually makes them get less than they could for their product or service. I call it a fatal error because it can lead to too little revenue and eventually kill the business. Unfortunately, most business people do not even realize that they are making this error in their pricing.


Most business people have no one to consult when they set their prices. They don’t get anyone’s perspective about their prices except for themselves and someone else inside the business. Thinking outside the box in pricing is very difficult because pricing is such an emotional subject.

That’s why I am offering Profitable Pricing E-sessions: to give you and other business people an opportunity to get a perspective on your pricing from someone outside your business.

I have become an expert at pricing through my experiences pricing products and services for my businesses, my assistance to many other businesses, and my research on the subject.

A client recently called me to ask me how to handle a situation where it appeared she would be giving away her services for free and receiving nothing in exchange. After discussing the situation, I suggested a solution which not only yielded revenue for her services but also gave her great customer relations in the bargain. She followed my advice and received revenue, more revenue than she anticipated.

She and I then discussed how she could change her pricing to make more revenue. I suggested that she use two different ways of presenting the price of her products rather than just one. Since then, she has done just that and increased her revenue as a result.

Now you may have my assistance is setting your prices through my Profitable Pricing E-session.

In these sessions, I will personally give you suggestions for setting your prices.

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Where do you begin when addressing pricing?

Begin at the Beginning

Session #1
We will begin at the beginning: What are your pricing objectives?  Are your objectives profit-oriented, sales-oriented, or status quo?  Deciding what you want your pricing to achieve before you set a price will improve the contribution your pricing makes to your bottom line.

Session #2
Next we will review the costs of your product or service? We will discuss the nuts and bolts of pricing, looking at your out-of-pocket costs, labor, overhead, capitalization, and administration. Then we’ll consider the “hidden” costs. At the end of this session, you will have a list of your costs for the product or service that you are pricing.

Session #3
We will address your pricing from your customers’ point of view. How much is your product or service worth to them? What are their considerations when buying your product or service? What undisclosed factor colors their attitude toward your product or service? At the end of this session, you will have seen your product through your customers’ eyes.

Session #4
We will take the information from the first two lessons and use it set your prices. You will learn how to differentiate your product or service. You will find out how to avoid the “commodity” trap. At the end of this session you will have your prices set with ideas on how to make more on your products or services.

Eight weeks after the end of your e-sessions, you and I will have a half hour telephone conference to discuss the pricing that you implemented and to answer questions that you have on it or other pricing. Taking Profitable Pricing E-class will only be valuable to you if you use what you have learned.

How much is this worth to you?

Figuring the amount of revenue that you have lost because of underpricing (overpricing is seldom an issue) is impossible. Quite likely it is many times the fee for these e-sessions. I guarantee that at the end of these e-sessions, you will feel comfortable with your pricing and you will make more revenue with your prices, or I will give you your money back.

The fee for Profitable Pricing E-sessions is $699.

You may take these e-sessions at your own pace, in 3 days, 3 weeks, or 3 months, whatever works for you.

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After the first session, if you feel that these e-sessions are not for you, you may receive a full refund. No hassles. No hard feelings.

Do you have questions about the Profitable Pricing E-sessions? Go here now and send me your question. Write “Profitable Pricing E-session” in the subject line.

Increase your revenue with profitable pricing.

Go for it!

Elizabeth K. Fischer
Innovative marketer, successful businesswoman, professional speaker, founder of Profitable Sales and Marketing, Inc., and author of Mistakes I Made My First Five Years in Business (and How You Can Avoid Them) What’s in It for Me? Marketing from the Customer’s Point of View, and Mistakes I Made Buying Advertising.

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