When Was Your Sales Staff’s Last Sales Training?

Whether your sales staff is filled with seasoned veterans, first-timers, or newbies to your industry, regular sales training helps all of them make more sales. Profitable Selling E-session is specifically designed to fit the needs of your individual business. This is not a general program on how to sell. Elizabeth creates the E-sessions especially for your business, what you sell, and how you sell it. We will only address selling your business’s products, services, or information. That makes this sales training very valuable to you and your sales staff.

“You made me think,” stated Mark about the Profitable Selling E-session. “After years of selling, I didn’t realize that I could be prompted to look at what I do with fresh eyes, but you did.”

What Are E-Sessions?

E-sessions are sessions with me, Elizabeth, that help you improve your sales.  Via a combination of lessons e-mailed to you and each of your staff involved in the session followed by a one-to-one session with me via telephone, video conferencing, or face-to-face, your sales staff receives sales training that I have specifically prepared for them and that they may immediately use.  The specific program is based on a thorough discussion with you, the owner, prior to the training.  At each session we have a great deal of interaction and discussion.

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A Customer-focused Approach

These E-sessions are focused on interactions with prospects. They do not involve prospecting. That aspect may be included with additional E-sessions, if you like. The intent of these E-sessions is to increase close numbers, maximize the customer’s purchase, and develop the customer for future business.
Session #1

Preparation before getting in front of a customer is key.  Having basic information about the customer, thinking through the options to offer, and bringing appropriate materials and items are advance steps that help with the sales presentation.  We will review what your staff is currently doing, what information is lacking, and how this aspect of the sales process can be improved.

Session #2
Assessing the customer’s situation, knowing the questions to ask, and gathering the information needed to make the sale all involve active listening. This session will practice that.  We will discuss active listening and then do exercises that give each individual a chance to practice active listening while everyone else on the sales staff learns by observing others.

Session #3
In order to suggest the best options for the customer and your business, salespeople must take the information they have and recognize the opportunities it reveals. These opportunities lead to suggestions of what to purchase.  We will take several situations your salespeople encounter, and individually and as a group identify the opportunities that are shown.

Session #4
We will take the opportunities and turn them into suggestions for the customer.  How these suggestions are presented can be the difference between a sale and a non-sale. We will layout a progression to follow that helps your salespeople not miss key points and maximize closes.

Session #5
Asking for agreement is important to closing the sale.  We go over the closing options and arrive at the best way(s) to accomplish this.

Session #6
Practicing what we have discussed by role playing will help instill what the salespeople have learned.  Each salesperson will role play the techniques with another salesperson with the rest of the sales staff watching.  The group will give input after each one.

Session #7
What happens once the customer says yes?  We will review the steps a salesperson needs to take to make certain the customer’s order is processed and completed satisfactorily.

Session #8
What’s next?  What does the salesperson do to get more business from that customer, including referrals?  This is a continuous process of building business with the customer for the salesperson and your business.

One month after completing the Profitable Selling E-session, we will have a bonus session to discuss questions, challenges, and successes.

You could spend thousands taking your staff to a general sales training, one not tailored to improve your specific staff. In taking these E-sessions your staff gets training designed particularly for them.  They participate in the training and receive the most effective training, hands-on.

How much is it?  Profitable Selling E-sessions are $1999 for the eight sessions.

You may take these e-sessions at your own pace in 8 days, 8 weeks, or 8 months, whatever works for you.

After the first session, if you feel that these E-sessions are not for you, you may receive a full refund. No hassles. No hard feelings.

Do you have questions about the Profitable Selling E-sessions? Then go here now and e-mail me your question. Write “Profitable Selling E-session” in the subject line.

Together, let’s help your sales staff make more profitable sales!

Go for it!

Elizabeth K. Fischer
Innovative marketer, successful businesswoman, professional speaker, founder of Profitable Sales and Marketing, Inc., and author of Mistakes I Made My First Five Years in Business (and How You Can Avoid Them)What’s in It for Me? Marketing from the Customer’s Point of View, and Mistakes I Made Buying Advertising.

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